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The Sioux County Capital-Democrat has been a principal newspaper in Sioux County serving local readers. It is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a subscribership of more than 1200. The heaviest circulation for The Sioux County Capital-Democrat is in the southern section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of Orange City, Alton, Hospers, Maurice, and Granville, with subscribers in Sioux Center, Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


The Sioux County Capital Democrat is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a distribution in excess of 1,200. The heaviest circulation is in the south section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of: • Orange City • Hospers • Alton • Sioux Center • Granville • Maurice Also serving: Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


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Couple tours entire town on tandem




ORANGE CITY – Daniel Huey has biked 2,888 miles this year.

That was his total from January 1 to June 26, 2020. He has undoubtedly racked up more miles by now. This year he may top his 2019 record of 6,000 bicycle miles. Or not… it’s going to be a busy year.

His wife, Beth? She has been on her cycle plenty too, “but I don’t keep such careful track,” Beth said with a smile.

They ride their road bikes, and their tandem… 70 or 100 miles weekly on the tandem.

Last Tuesday, June 23, was a one-of-a-kind tandem day for the Hueys, though.

The two rode every paved street in Orange City.

They logged 59 miles… spending five hours, one minute and 25 seconds on the saddle.

Daniel likes stats. And goals. He’s trying to visit every county in the United States (not necessarily on his bike). That bit of trivia came out when the two were in their early dating period.

Beth’s uncle has succeeded in that same goal, and her aunt is nearly there.

It was a tie between the families, one that possibly led to these two tying the knot, said Daniel with a smile.

“But,” Beth interjected, “I don’t know if I’ve met anybody quite like you.”


Bucket list

Daniel taught music at Northwestern College for four
years, and Beth did adjunct teaching at NWC and worked as
administrative assistant at Dover Avenue Alliance Church.
They purchased their Co-Motion tandem two years ago.

Even before that, Beth scrutinized the garage sale map
published in the AdVisor. Orange City is organized in an orderly
grid, mostly. Why don’t we, some day, she said to her husband,
“snake around town?” On bikes?

It was noted on the bucket list, said Daniel.

They decided, after almost four years of living here, and a
week before their scheduled move to Louisiana, that now was
the time.

So Daniel mapped a route… using four copies of the OC
map and lots of pencil lines and numbers. After lunch on the
chosen day, he taped the first plot to his handle bars. 


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