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The Sioux County Capital-Democrat has been a principal newspaper in Sioux County serving local readers. It is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a subscribership of more than 1200. The heaviest circulation for The Sioux County Capital-Democrat is in the southern section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of Orange City, Alton, Hospers, Maurice, and Granville, with subscribers in Sioux Center, Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


The Sioux County Capital Democrat is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a distribution in excess of 1,200. The heaviest circulation is in the south section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of: • Orange City • Hospers • Alton • Sioux Center • Granville • Maurice Also serving: Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


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Veterans, & volunteers make 8th honor flight a sucess


ORANGE CITY/WASHINGTON, D.C. — Midwest Honor Flight mission eight took flight Saturday, Oct. 9, honoring 121 Vietnam Veterans. These flights wouldn’t be possible without “the army of volunteers behind them,” says founder Aaron Van Beek. While this was the last flight for 2021, plans are already in place for Missions 9-13, all planned for 2022. “We have over 800 Veterans on our waiting list, and the list continues to grow,” Van Beek said.
Volunteer activities range, but preparation for flights happens year-round.
Every detail of the Veterans honor flight is planned out, every meal, every stop, every snack, so the only job of the Veteran is to relax and enjoy the day. But it is a big day, with Mission eight stopping at Iwo Jima, the Military Women’s memorial, changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, Air Force Memorial, Navy Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean Memorial and finally the Vietnam Veterans wall. Catered lunches and dinners were planned and handed out quickly and timely at different stops to maximize the time at each location. Buses were loaded with water and snacks and enough wheelchairs for anyone who needed a rest. A team of dedicated volunteers thoughtfully plans out every detail. Volunteers prep flights, write letters to veterans, sort mail bags, set tables, call Veterans, and help with donation efforts; the list is never-ending. And the work is year-round.
Gretchen Vande Poppe has been with Midwest Honor Flight since Mission one. “Aaron was the football manager for Sioux Center Warrior football, and I was taking photos on the sidelines for my son-in-law. Aaron contacted me to see if I wanted to be a photographer for the flight, and I didn’t even have to think about it; I said yes.” Vande Poppe has been on every mission and continues to honor veterans by preserving their day, one photo at a time. “It is very rewarding and a blessing. This organization and the love the whole team has for veterans, we have become a family.”
And another piece of the puzzle is the honor flight crew in D.C. “There is a team of people ready to serve each flight in D.C., they keep coming back each time, many show up and different sites to wave flags, salute and clap for our veterans, and it is often the same people that come serve when our flight comes.”
Vande Poppe mentions the same for the flight crews. “An honor flight is something special. The plane is decorated, we had a lot of fun on the flight too. We have had many of the same flight crew members over the years that

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