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The Sioux County Capital-Democrat has been a principal newspaper in Sioux County serving local readers. It is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a subscribership of more than 1200. The heaviest circulation for The Sioux County Capital-Democrat is in the southern section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of Orange City, Alton, Hospers, Maurice, and Granville, with subscribers in Sioux Center, Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


The Sioux County Capital Democrat is one of the largest circulating newspapers in Sioux County with a distribution in excess of 1,200. The heaviest circulation is in the south section of Sioux County, serving primarily the cities and rural routes of: • Orange City • Hospers • Alton • Sioux Center • Granville • Maurice Also serving: Sheldon, Boyden, Hull, Rock Valley, Hawarden and Ireton.


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Orange City is the fourth office location for Beck Engineering Inc.


ORANGE CITY — Beck Engineering Inc. began in 2001, by Brad Beck, owner, and professional engineer and land surveyor. BEI provides professional design services for both the private and public sectors by providing civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying services. BEI is based out of Spirit Lake and has grown over the years to include 38 employees and four locations. “We opened our second office in Cherokee in 2018, and this past May opened two more locations, one in Orange City, and the other in Sioux Center,” Beck said.
BEI is licensed to work in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. When they begin a project, “We start with a property that is undeveloped and put together a master plan which will include what streets could look like, assess utilities and drainage and develop options.” A customer will then give input, “and with many discussions, we start to get a feel for what the development could look like, and a final design becomes a hybrid of ideas.”
After a design is chosen, other decisions have to be made. “We design streets, water, sanitary, and sewer systems, sidewalks, retention basins, and get all the permits in line for the work. Then, we do the platting during construction, staking, and inspection. We are involved in the entire process, from undeveloped land to ready to sell lots.” Beck said. He adds that “the timeframe for a project from concept to completion is typically about a year.”
Sam Bassett will head up the Orange City location, primarily working out of the office in town.
“We are currently working on new residential developments west of the new school property and new commercial development east of town. In addition, we did surveying for the Dollar Fresh location and have another commercial development in progress at Highway 60 and ten intersections.”
While BEI is varied in the types of property they work with, “We are learning our biggest clients tend to be cities and schools. We have worked with small elementary schools and larger college properties; a variety.” They also continue to do private-sector work, development surveys, and flood plain work.
BEI is eager to play a part in Orange City’s growing community.
“Earl Woudstra, Mark Gaul, and Matt Van Schouwen have been instrumental in our coming to town. We couldn’t have done it without their help; they have been fantastic.” Beck adds, “Orange City has been exciting for us, it is a very progressive forward-thinking community, and the values of the people line up nicely with our own. We met with community leaders, and seeing how their values were unbelievably high, it was the main reason we chose Orange City. It is a great place to work, and we are excited to get involved in the community and give back as much as we can.”

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