The phoenix is a stuffer in 10 local newspaper. It has a very large circulation. The Phoenix is distributed weekly by The Sioux County Capital-Democrat, The Rock Valley Bee, The Sheldon Mail-Sun, The Osceola Co. Gazette-Tribune, The Sioux Center News, The Akron Hometowner, The South O’Brien Sun, The Focus, Sioux Valley News, & The Equalizer


To place an advertising in the Phoenix please email your ad to haley@pluimpublishinginc.com by 10am on Mondays to get it in that weeks paper.


The Phoenix is a full color paper. Color ads are $7.75 a column inch, black and white ads are $6.00 a column inch. We also offer combination rates if you run in the Sioux County Capital Democrat and/or the Ad•Visor.

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